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Books & Online Sources for Indie Publishing

The Fine Print of Self-Publishing: a primer on contracts, printing costs, royalties, distribution, e-books, and marketing. Fifth Edition. (2014)
by Mark Levine
The Fine Print has useful information for self-publishing. This book gives many insights into the business of publishing and self-publishing. There are blank pages in the back for notes. ($16.95)

Save The Cat: The Last Book on Screenwriting That You'll Ever Need by Blake Snyder
Save The Cat Goes to the Indies
197 pages Include, About the Author 194-197 Kindle $11.10/Pb.$11.68

Save The Cat Goes To The Movies: The Screenwriter's Guide To Every Story Every Told by Blake Snyder.
290 pages Include About the Author 287-290. $13.99 Kindle $21.39 pb.
Save The Cat Goes To The Movies

Save The Cat Strikes Back: More Trouble for Screenwriters to Get Into...and Out of. by Blake Snyder. (2009) Kindle $9.99, PB. $14.99
Save the Cat has proven successful for such screen hits as Miss Congeniality, Die Hard, Legally Blonde and Signs. That is to name just a few of the hits that have come from using the 'Save The Cat' formula for writing.
Not only does it work for movies, but books that have used STC turned into movies, like The Hunger Games. The Save the Cat philosophy works.
Other Books to Consider if you are looking to publish your work: 

How to Write Descriptively - Nalo Hopkinson - YouTube - From TedEd

5 - Electronic Resources for Publishing - See Chart:  Click Here
Contains information and links to five sources for self-publishing, small press publishing, and indie publishing. 

Hone Your Skills - Join A Group:

Writing dot com provides a variety of platforms, memberships, and activities for an author, newbie, or just-not-sure writer. 
  • Free Memberships - Professional Memberships
  • Daily Activities
  • Contests
  • Reviews and Reviewers
  • Groups
  • Exercises
  • Earn GP's to upgrade Membership
  • You retain the rights to your work
  • Protected under DMCA

Scribophile: The Writing Group and Online Writing Workshop for Serious Writers:

They have a free and paid membership as well. Always read the Terms of Service. They like Writing dot com have a non-exclusive right to your work while it is published on their site, but it remains your intellectual property. If you want to post it elsewhere, you must remove it from their site.

There are quite a few groups out there. Please check out their Google ratings, and any complaints before signing up with them.

National Novel Write Month & Camp NaNoWrimo Many Libraries are Sponsors of "Come Write In" it is a mad burst of writing energy by tens of thousands of writers from around the world. It is free to join with a lot of encouragement and opportunity to write a novel in one month.

There are several platforms to create free blogs. There are a few listed below: is a Google partner and easy to set-up. Blogspot can be monetized (Make money by the internet clicks/hits, and sales). Wix is a free site and is user-friendly with simple instructions.

WordPress: WordPress offers free website and blog building, and they have paid plans as well. They have been in business for many years.


Google Ad Sense.  It is fairly simple to get signed up with google ad sense once you begin your online sites and social media. There is a lot of information to take in, and it is advisable to spend a few weeks learning about how AdSense works, how to understand the statistics, and how ad placement works. 

Once you are an Ad Sense member, start making money by well-placed ads, sales, and popularity with readers and advertisers. 

Social Media: 

Reddit and much more.

Once an artist or author begins producing work it is simple to share that work on social media. As beginners, it is a good rule to remember that millions of others out there seeking notice and attention as well. 

The most successful artists on social media are the ones who promote others and do not Spam (send out a steady stream of notifications) the social platform.

Any of this information can be printed, and reused for educational purposes.

Link to Annotated Bibliography: Click Here!